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Dreams of home ownership in Queensland for first home buyers

First Home Owners Grant

Are you eligible for the state government initiative ‘Queensland First Home Owners Grant’ helping first home owners to get their new  home sooner. Did you know that if you have a contract dated after the 1st July 2018 you can get $15,000 towards buying or building your new home unit.

New Home Buyers

Direct Portable Buildings team is here to assist to design your home or choose one the many designs available on our website. The home you are buying or building must be new and valued less than $750,000 (including land). Your new home can be a brand new dwelling (e.g. house, unit, duplex, townhouse, granny flat built on a relative’s land) that has not been previously occupied as a place of residence or sold as a place of residence.

You must move into your brand new home as your principal place of residence within 1 year of the completed transaction, and live there continuously for 6 months. You can rent out one or more rooms in the home during your 6-month residency period, as long as this arrangement doesn’t affect your use of the home. However, renting out any rooms in the first year after you move in may affect your eligibility for the first home concession or a first home vacant land concession.

While the residence requirements for the grant are similar to those for the first home concession, the grant and concession are separate benefits; you need to meet the requirements in each case. For example, you can rent the home out before moving in and keep the grant, but you may lose the first home concession. You may be required to verify that you have met these requirements later, by providing documentation supporting the period of occupancy for all applicants.

Check your eligibility today on the following link;


This guide will explain applying for a first home owners grant, and your obligations after receiving it.

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