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Need more room for Christmas? Granny Flats are the Solution

Christmas Upon Us, Need more room for Christmas

Christmas is upon us before you know it. It seemed like only yesterday when Christmas had gone. Suddenly you are thinking where are you going to fit everyone?

Well installing a Granny Flat could be the solution to the problem! It will also any other space problems in the future. We will build and deliver any type of building or design. We will also do it at an affordable price. Also we will also assist if not completely design your new Granny Flat for you. It could also be a teenager retreat, second dwelling, transportable home or primary dwelling. DPB will give you the option of doing some of the work yourself.  the other option is we will handle the whole process for you, its totally your choice.

About our buildings

Direct portable Buildings are built from predominately Australian products. Our company will provide expert craftsmanship and engineering. We don’t cut corners to save costs or quality. We offer as trust worthy and reliable service.

There will always be someone cheaper in the market place but there will, make no mistake be compromise. If you want a quality building at a competitive price we will certainly provide you with the quality and service, you deserve. We can design a building to suit your surrounds or the match you existing dwelling. We can do off the grid designs for that block of land you have been thinking about putting something on for that weekend retreat. DPB have buildings in stock for you to purchase right now and have delivered within a week. Or send us a plan and we will do the rest. All you need to do is call us and we will send the information or come and inspect. Anytime of the day we will accommodate you whatever your needs are.