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Our Granny Flat TRUECORE Steel Frames

Our granny flat and transportable home frames are the best in the industry.

Our granny flats and transportable homes are made from TRUECORE steel backed by a Bluescope steel 50 year warranty.

Steel frames are the way of the future, 100% termite proof, light weight and structurally strong. Our frames are made to withstand cyclonic conditions and even earthquakes. Using cold formed steel frames are particularly superior in the portable building industry because there is minimum flex when the building are been transported and installed on site. We did expect some movement which is typical with manufactured transportable home and granny flats but we have found quite the opposite since using TRUECORE cold formed steel frames that we are currently using.

Our frames are manufactured to our specific requirements and have pre-punched holes for plumbing and electrical installation which saves on site downtime.

Our plumbers and electricians are extremely happy when the come to do the rough in on our buildings. We are able to install a building frame including the roof framing in a matter of hours as opposed to days. It’s not just the fact that our frames are made from TRUECORE steel but is also how our frames are manufactured. We have had several comments that they are the best frames they have seen. Combined with the thermal break insulation and our exceptional steel 100% termite proof frames Direct Portable Buildings are well on the way to becoming a leader in the portable building industry. Direct Portable Buildings also use termiflor as standard and our steel skid bases are also a market leader in construction design and strength.

With more and more pressure on our environment it makes sense to use steel instead of cutting down our trees to provide timber for the buildings industry. There will always be a place for timber in the building industry but the more pressure we can take off the need for the use of timber the better off we will be.