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Dual Occupancy | Caring for Family

Dual Occupancy, Caring for Family

Dual Occupancy is a property where a property has two separate dwellings located on a single title. Generally, both residences will have separated internal entrances and each side can be either used for family members or leased out to different parties depending on varying Council rules.

Dual occupancy properties come in a number of forms including:

  1. A duplex
    A duplex is defined as a house or building with two separate units. An example of a duplex is a house with two living units with a common wall.
  1. A second dwelling
    A second dwelling, as the name suggests, occurs when you build a second dwelling behind or next to an existing house.
  1. Two free standing dwellings
    A freestanding house is stand-alone dwellings and buyers own the land and any built forms within its boundaries.
  1. A granny flat
    A granny flat is an apartment that is adjacent to the main living quarters of a house and or a part of a house made into self-contained accommodation suitable for an elderly relative
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Difference between a Granny flat vs Dual occupancy

The main difference between a Granny flat vs Dual occupancy is the ownership.

A Granny flat is basically a secondary dwelling, but it must be owned by the same person who owns the main house. Whereas in a Dual occupancy, there can be a different owner for each residence, and they can stay on the same land title if you don’t intend to sell.

The Demand for Our Ageing Population

As the demand for our ageing population requirements continues to grow across Australia more and more families are making the decision to build a granny flat for the parents to care for them.

For example, the Projections of Housing Demand in Australia, 2008-2038 narrative report instantiates that Queensland gains from migration more than any other Sate or Territory. In 2008, the Medium assumption shows net migration to Queensland as 58,520 compared with 44,700 for Victoria, 33,480 for New South Wales and 29,920 for Western Australia. Among the capital cities, the highest net migration in 2008 is for Melbourne at 35,116 followed by 23,299 for Perth, 22,532 for Brisbane and 17,694 for Sydney. However, net migration to Southeast Queensland not including Brisbane is 24,993 in 2008, higher than the migration to Brisbane. Thus, considering Southeast Queensland as a whole, the level of migration is by far the highest of any of the regions in the table at 47,525. In New South Wales, net migration to areas outside of Sydney (15,786) is only a little lower than the net migration to Sydney (17,694). In Queensland, migration to areas outside of Brisbane is much greater than migration to Brisbane. In contrast, in the other two major states, Victoria and Western Australia, net migration is heavily concentrated on the capital city.

Designing a Family Granny Flat

When designing your family granny flat, we ensure that the designs incorporate all the principles to eliminate hazards and ensure their safety at all times.

  • Wet room floors are recessed to avoid trip hazard
  • Doors/Hallways widened for wheelchair access
  • Free standing vanities
  • Grab rails
  • Adequate lighting
  • Ramps

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