Do’s & Dont’s of Purchasing a Portable Building

Buyer Beware If you’re in the market to purchase a new home, granny flat, parent retreat, cabin, office, studio or any type of building, like any investment you need to do your due diligence. There are many, particularly in the portable building industry, who are making very convincing statements and guarantees but unfortunately don’t have the qualifications to support them. … Read More

Need more room for Christmas? Granny Flats are the Solution

Christmas Upon Us, Need more room for Christmas Christmas is upon us before you know it. It seemed like only yesterday when Christmas had gone. Suddenly you are thinking where are you going to fit everyone? Well installing a Granny Flat could be the solution to the problem! It will also any other space problems in the future. We will … Read More

Our Granny Flat TRUECORE Steel Frames

Our granny flat and transportable home frames are the best in the industry. Our granny flats and transportable homes are made from TRUECORE steel backed by a Bluescope steel 50 year warranty. Steel frames are the way of the future, 100% termite proof, light weight and structurally strong. Our frames are made to withstand cyclonic conditions and even earthquakes. Using … Read More

Do I Need Granny Flats Approvals

Do you need council approval to install a granny flat on your property? This is probably in of the most asked questions in our industry surrounding granny flats. The problem been is that there is no single answer because every State has different rules and regulations and every council has different bylaws governing this question. There are different rules for … Read More

Thermal Break Insulation Now Available

Hello folks, Direct Portable Buildings are pleased to announce that Thermal Break Insulation will be available as an optional extra and in the very near future be standard in all of our, granny flats, demountable homes and portable buildings. This is a fantastic product, particularly when use with steel frame buildings that we use in our Granny Flats.  The main … Read More

Cover Yourself With A Built To Last And Price Guarantee

Cover Yourself With A Built To Last And Price Guarantee From Direct Portable Buildings For granny flat shells, custom design granny flats, portable buildings and accommodation as unique as you are, register for your Free Portable Building information pack with all the facts, styles and figures today. Direct Portable Buildings is well known for its excellence, personal service and quality, … Read More

Affordable Housing

With housing becoming so expensive today in Australia portable housing such as granny flats and modular housing are a real alternative. It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner, investor or a person with a block of land looking for temporary accommodation until you can afford to build your dream house. You could be just simply looking for a cheaper … Read More